Interesting places in the environment

The story Mt Blaník (3 km away) makes a dominant of landscape and it has two tops – Velký Blaník (638 m above sea level) and Malý Blaník (580 m above sea level). There is a lookout tower with permanent service for tourists (open every day between 10 a. m. and 5 p. m. except Monday) and the rests of Celtic settlement (which was built some 500 years B. C.) on the Velký Blaník. The medieval castle was founded also here, it was sieged moreover by the emperor Sigismund (so called Ginger Fox). Not far from the top you can see Veřejová Rock, from which will the Blaník knights go away in the moment, when it would be the worst time in Czech Lands. In the shadow of Velký Blaník stands Malý Blaník. But it is also worth seeing. We can found, except of nice view to the landscape, a ruin of pilgrim barocco chapel of St Mary Magdalene here. It was built in 1735. The people meetings and famous pilgrimage took part here. The big pisce has grown in the middle of this ruin.

The small river Blanice, which makes meandres in the vicinity of Louňovice, is also interesting. When you have a little bit luck, then can you the gold have. Other worth seeing is former goldmine of Roudný (2 km away). You can found the mounds of scrabbled sand after mined ore and the rest of mine-tower of the deepest goldmine in Bohemia (510 m) in the forests in the vicinity. They say, the gold was mined at first in the Strašík pound, from which the golden parties attracted the goldminers up to gold Venuše in Roudný. There was minde cca 6 t of gold in the greatest source. The Roudný mine was the richest in Europe between 1910 and 1932. The St Wenceslas ducates are pressed from the local gold. The mining was finished in 1956.

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